The abandoned Japanese lovers hotel where rooms were rented by the hour

The Medievil room with carriage and suit of armour in the Fuurin Motel

This stunning set of photographs offer a peek inside an abandoned hotel used as an escape for extramarital affairs.

The empty Fuurin Motel, in Tokyo, Japan, used to be a meeting point for lovers who rented rooms by the hour.

Ten themed bedrooms, including a Medieval suite with a full suit of armour and a carriage-shaped bed, lay perfectly preserved under layers of dust.

Other room themes include Greek, Traditional Japanese Ryokan and hunting – all with their own dining rooms and bathrooms.

The hotel was closed 17 years ago, but the furniture and fittings remain.

Locals have respected the empty hotel, due to rumours the building has a paranormal presence.

Photographer Bob Thissen, 31, from Herleen, Netherlands, who snapped these stunning images explored the hotel during a trip to Japan.

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