The Creepiest Places to Visit in Japan

The Creepiest Places to Visit in Japan

Beneath the towering Tokyo skyscrapers, cherry blossom landscape, rich history, and technologies way ahead of time, Japan is loaded with eerie destinations. Japan is known for horror stories and chilling paranormal activities. So, if you’re in for a creepy treat, you might want to know more of the creepiest places to visit … Read more

Can You Buy Abandoned Churches in Texas?

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After congregations outgrow their buildings, both large and small houses of worship do not always continue to function as religious sanctuaries. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition is headquartered in an old synagogue in Chicago. Aside from strange abandoned places in Texas, there are also abandoned churches. Cities have converted abandoned churches into antique … Read more

Really Weird Abandoned Places

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Exploring unusual and abandoned places is difficult to resist, and many curious people turn it into a hobby. However, because such locations may contain hazards, it is critical to heed posted warnings and avoid areas where entry is prohibited. Even these creepiest places around the world, are full of wonder and can … Read more

Getting Permission for Exploring Abandoned Houses

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There are several compelling reasons to obtain permission to enter someone else’s property. One of the tips for exploring abandoned places is to ask permission. The most important reason to inquire before entering is that it may save you from legal trouble. If you are caught on private property without permission from … Read more

How Likely Is It Closed Casinos Will Open Again?

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According to the American Gaming Association’s casino reopening tracker, 766 casinos have reopened in the United States, while 223 remain closed as of June 23. That’s enough data to see what gaming centers did right and wrong after reopening their doors to the general public. It also provides enough data to provide … Read more

Tips for Exploring Abandoned Places

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There are a lot of weird but wonderful abandoned places, from a Mexican village that was half-buried in lava or a shopping mall in Bangkok that is now home to thousands of koi. These sites have several people, such as thrill-seeking travelers and curious photographers attracted to their mysteriousness and beauty. In … Read more

You Can Visit an Abandoned Star Wars Movie Set


Star Wars is one of the world’s most successful and highest-grossing movie franchises, with a global box office revenue of more than ten billion U.S. dollars. From the first Star Wars flick, it has branched into a number of stand-alone films, prequels, sequels, TV series, animated adaptations, and merchandise, bringing its earnings … Read more

What Are The Most Famous Abandoned Buildings In The World?

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These magnificent buildings were most likely worth millions of dollars when they were built. Now, they’re falling apart. The building had grown aware of its own history, which echoed within its walls. There are untold stories of these abandoned buildings worldwide beneath all this dust and rust, exfoliating drywall ceiling texture. Explore … Read more

What Strange Abandoned Places Are in Texas?

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Do you love visiting eerie and abandoned places? In an area as large as Texas, there’s a wealth of beautiful abandoned buildings and locations that will satisfy everyone who has a penchant for the spooky. Other people, while not fond of scary things, are into urban or rural exploration, and these places … Read more