Abandoned doll factory – Spain

This doll factory in Spain has an uncomfortable way of getting under your skin. It was abandoned sometime in the ’80s, but for some reason everything was left behind—boxes of doll parts, machinery, half-finished dolls still lying on the assembly line—everything. It’s as if everybody just vanished in the middle of the work day. At the time the factory was in operation, porcelain dolls were commonly made with human hair, which somehow makes these things even creepier.

The three-story building remains largely unchanged to this day, except for the floor in one wing, which collapsed at some point. There isn’t even much graffiti to show that other people have explored it. According to one photographer who visited the factory, the entire third floor was covered in a mountain of ceramic arms and legs. This was followed by the unintentionally creepy “the heads and bodies were much more rare.” This place is a horror movie waiting to happen.

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