Abandoned modern houses in Portugal

These images by Portuguese photographer Nelson Garrido reveal buildings left deserted in the aftermath of the last financial crisis.

Garrido first presented the series, called Home Less, in an exhibition for last year’s Venice Architecture Biennale. It features buildings from all across Portugal, from holiday villas to mass housing blocks.

Some of the buildings were left deserted after completion, while others were abandoned before they were even finished.

Garrido first embarked on the project in 2012, more than four years after the start of the financial recession. By photographing these deserted structures, many of which are now overgrown with plants, he believes he is questioning their existence.

“I have been photographing spaces that, because they were abandoned or unfinished, make us look at them and question their right to occupy a space in the city,” he said.

“This project goes beyond the revelation of ruins; it intends to provide an experience of places,” he continued.

“These constructions – which could be thousands of others – are life projects, sometimes unfinished, abandoned, dark places in a desolated territory that embraces them as wounds.”

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