Eerie images show what’s left of a dilapidated entertainment center

This abandoned building was once a thriving entertainment center before it was plagued by claims of child sex abuse.

Now more than a decade on, these haunting photographs show just how JT’s Fun Zone in New Jersey was cast aside as a mere memory and left to rot.

The eerie images, shot by urban explorer The Unknown Cameraman, show what’s left of the now dilapidated building, including burnt children’s play equipment, a rock climbing wall and skate park.

Dirt-encrusted showers, a swamp-like pool and rusting lockers were also uncovered.

The entertainment center first opened for business back in 1995 and boasted a skating rink, arcade, pool, basketball courts, skate park and even a nightclub called Club Cherri.

The venue’s nightclub was a big draw card for underage teenage girls until a police raid in 2003 uncovered a hub of illegal sexual activities.

Police arrested a DJ and venue manager at a teen dance night over allegations the men had been having sex with girls as young as 14 years old.

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