Lincoln Way is an abandoned neighborhood in Clairton

Lincoln Way is an abandoned neighborhood in Clairton, PA across from U.S. Steel’s Clairton Works, which is only about 30 minutes outside of Pittsburgh City. Lincoln Way consisted of 52 properties but never more than 40 houses. Sixteen families were driven from their homes in such a hurry leaving everything behind between 1970s and 2009 and nobody knows exactly why. Could it be due to an exceeding amount of foreclosure? But if that was the case, would it be possible for it to be an entire neighborhood?

Or could it be becuase of an urban paranormal legend of a beast the size of a horse with red eyes that resides and lingers in the woods that surrounds the “once was” community of Lincoln Way that made them leave in such a hurry? Whatever the case may be, do you dare to step foot on this empty street aligned with beat down houses? Well… I did with my camera by my side. Its hard to explain what I felt at first because I was just in shock. Shocked because these used to be the homes of families with cars along the streets and kids playing in their yards to now…. just nothing but sad silence with broken homes withering away in decay, with belongings littering the ground. It was just really hard to take it in. There isn’t many homes left due to a fire that took place in one of the homes that left 2 more catching on fire as well in April of 2015

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