Precautions to Take When Photographing Abandoned Place

An abandoned building with graffiti on the wall

Each time we see a photograph of an old picture, we can’t help but admire the beauty of the place and just think what the history behind that certain place was. It’s always a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and indeed, photographs of old abandoned places sure have … Read more

Rules for Exploring Abandoned Places

If you are an adventurous type of person, then you should be up for exploring various unique and exciting places, such as historical mines,  parks, and many more. One of the most common targets of adventure-seekers is abandoned places, in hopes of finding some mysterious and fascinating stuff never before seen.  Over … Read more

Abandoned Mansions with Intriguing Stories

An old abandoned mansion

Who wouldn’t love to live in a mansion? A mansion filled with multiple rooms, elegant lights, artistic design, and a classy ambiance is a dream for most people. Not all mansions are the same; they vary in size and design, making them unique. We also appreciate their exquisite design, thanks to the … Read more

Most Amazing Abandoned Casinos in the World

Penthouse Adriatic Casino – Croatia

Gambling is one of the most popular recreational activities that many people love. This is why tourists also include casinos in their itineraries when they travel to different cities and countries. However, in the present time, lesser people visit land-based casinos to play because many find it more convenient to play their … Read more

Rules to Follow While Exploring Abandoned Houses


Abandoned houses boast a dysphoric beauty and eerie appeal, enticing many thrill-seeking photographers and travelers. You might have seen these people’s pictures and stories, which proves how fascinating it is to exploit these former residences now devoid of human life. If you, too, want to experience this on your own, remember that … Read more

Amazing Abandoned Castles

Amazing Abandoned Castles

Castles are alluring architectural masterpieces that used to be filled with extravagance, serving as spectacular homes of the royalties. Many of these manors and palaces were relished by different generations before they were abandoned due to various reasons, ranging from natural disasters, economic crises, and destiny carved by war. Though these structures … Read more

What Happens To Abandoned Boats


Boats are striking vessels, both due to their magnificent nature and the array of uses they bestow to people. Like all things, however, they wear out, rendering them out of service. While some boats are given a sense of new life by being recycled and repurposed, most of these watercraft are abandoned … Read more

What Happens to Abandoned Cars

What Happens to Abandoned Cars

At some point in time, the fixing cost of a car becomes too hefty and no longer worth spending bucks on. Otherwise, the car goes beyond repair, turning into a junker that most people certainly don’t want to deal with. When that happens, most owners just park their car somewhere, drifting it … Read more