Getting Permission for Exploring Abandoned Houses

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There are several compelling reasons to obtain permission to enter someone else’s property. One of the tips for exploring abandoned places is to ask permission. The most important reason to inquire before entering is that it may save you from legal trouble. If you are caught on private property without permission from … Read more

Bringing an Abandoned Home Back to Life

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Looking for a new construction ground can be a challenging task. As well as that, finding an untouched land can also be pretty expensive. Although it sometimes pays off, taking the risk or getting everything ready can be a draining challenge to your wallet.  It is also deemed tricky since you are … Read more

What Happens to Abandoned Houses?

What Happens to Abandoned Houses

Over a million homes are abandoned or left vacant each year due to an array of reasons from the high cost of renovation and repairs, natural and ecological disasters, death of the neighborhood, crime and violence, or economic busts. Once a refuge of happy families, many abandoned houses still remain jilted today … Read more