Amazing Abandoned Castles

Amazing Abandoned Castles

Castles are alluring architectural masterpieces that used to be filled with extravagance, serving as spectacular homes of the royalties. Many of these manors and palaces were relished by different generations before they were abandoned due to various reasons, ranging from natural disasters, economic crises, and destiny carved by war. Though these structures … Read more

What Happens To Abandoned Boats


Boats are striking vessels, both due to their magnificent nature and the array of uses they bestow to people. Like all things, however, they wear out, rendering them out of service. While some boats are given a sense of new life by being recycled and repurposed, most of these watercraft are abandoned … Read more

What Happens To Abandoned Storage Units


Storage units have been a helpful option for stowing away items and decluttering homes, garages, and offices. However, did you know that thousands of storage units are declared abandoned every year? It is difficult to imagine how renters can jilt their belongings, which they have devoted efforts to keep and store in … Read more