Urban art – The abandoned Dunlop Slazenger Factory in Alexandria, Australia


Stories over the years of the Dunlop Factory being sold to developers have been told, yet none seemed to be true and it kept standing, but now I fear it is and the days of the Dunlop factory are numbered. Fences have been erected, padlocks put back on the fences and even some of the interior walls and openings have been bricked up. I have a bad feeling the fate of the Dunlop Factory is not looking good. Try get here why you still can.

The photos on this post were taken approximately a year ago when the doors were open and you could just stroll on in. Unfortunately that’s not the case anymore and it has gone from simply walking in through many of the open doors, to having to scale fences or venture through the canals and hope to come up in the right place.







Source: Our fav Oz photographer, Tim

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